Coaching Program

Desi is a truly a rare and brilliant gem. During my first 6-month coaching, Desi has helped me discover inner-strength, confidence, freedom from guilt, internal happiness and peace that I never dreamed I possessed. She has done more for me with her brutally honest, dig-deep, soul-searching questions and homework than the countless hours of pedestrian counseling/therapy I have experienced over my adult life. She knows how to peel back the layers with grace, dignity, laughter, tears and emotional connection. Whether the sessions revolve around self-care, food, body image or relationships, Desi provides a place of safety, encouragement and acceptance with no judgement or ridicule. And, it’s not just a temporary, feel-good fix. Desi’s coaching takes root in my life and flourishes with each day. I am excited to continue my journey with Desi as I begin another 6-month coaching adventure!

Kathy Worland

Coaching with DesiRae shifted so much for me. I came out honoring my body and health more with love and grace.  I used to hate my body, and now I can look at it with love and awe. Yes, I still get triggered, but I now have more body love than I ever had before. I started loving myself like I love others.

So often I would think I “should” do something and DesiRae allowed me to get out of my head and really ask deep down what I was craving. What did I want to do. I now am no longer worried what I look like to others. I no longer care what other people think about me or the way I look. If they care and love who I am, they will understand and not care! The tools she gave me around stress, mindful eating and breathing really shifted my every day at work and in life. I have learned I can eat the foods I love and not feel guilty. It’s about balance and not deprivation. The meditations she records herself were so helpful. I felt more grounded, in control and felt better about my thoughts and feelings. Like I had more control of my life than I thought I had.

I wish people knew how worthy they are of things like this and how important this can be to their lives.

Annabella Bishop

I attended a weekend Spring Self-Care retreat and DesiRae was one of the weekend leaders.  It was just what I needed and I came back feeling incredibly rejuvenated, grateful, and loving myself!! Hell to the YES! She did her workshop on “Stepping Into Your Feminine Essence”. I even did the homework she gave us after we left – to stand naked in front of the mirror and send love to all parts of me and my body. It was powerful!!  All the self love manifested some pretty amazing things that week for me. Yes yes!!!

Lesley Lefkowitz

DesiRae’s program made me think about areas where I feel I have weaknesses and helped me think about things differently. It gave me new perspectives on addressing these areas and helped me feel stronger and more confident. It made me take a harder look at things I wanted to push down and not address. I learned new ways to think about things, including methods in the handouts. DesiRae challenged me to look at things differently and dig a little deeper to better understand how my feelings/beliefs have developed for me over the years. She taught me and gave reminders that things can change – I don’t have to be “stuck” because that’s the way things are. I have the power to make changes.

Lynn Conlin

DesiRae helped me get out of my own way and see a different perspective to my relationships, myself and my life I had not seen before. She taught me how I could still eat healthy on the go and create a way of eating that fueled not only my work schedule, but my workouts as well. I looked forward to our weekly sessions and her constant motivation and encouragement. She saw things in me that I soon saw in myself and knew I could achieve. She pushed me to step in fear and feel my emotions and not hold them in to create shifts in my life. I am forever grateful to her.

Kyle Young


Stepping Into Your Feminine Essence Workshop

“I loved the opportunity to be raw. I could be real in a safe place. I know that I was supposed to be here today and I am so grateful. Your energy and obvious empathy are enduring. Thank you for allowing me to explore myself, beliefs and environment. I feel like I have more tools to more forward. ”

Becca C.

Stepping Into Your Feminine Essence Workshop

“I loved the concrete tools such as the worksheets, lists and homework. Creating our Body Power Statement with a poster and crayons was wonderful.”

Lauren H.

Stepping Into Your Feminine Essence Workshop

“I can feel your passion for this craft of helping empower women to be their brightest selves. I LOVED the heart centered moment to say something “true”, and the hands-on self-care creation session.Thanks so much, you magical woman!!”

Ashley B.

Stepping Into Your Feminine Essence Workshop

“I loved the multi-faceted/holistic touch on us women regarding mindset, soul and body emotions. I walked away with new insights about mindset and my new body statement.”

Susannah C.

Stepping Into Your Feminine Essence Workshop

“The most valuable part for me was the opportunity to think and reflect and having worksheets to capture those things. This allowed me to be vulnerable and see not only myself, but other women in a new light.” 

Malinda M.

Stepping Into Your Feminine Essence Workshop

“I came into the workshop very self-conscious & after the workshop I see myself different now. It’s almost like I can see myself changing for the better. You helped us realize that we can feel confident in our own bodies. The worksheets pinpointed the major reason why I was scared to change!” 

Naja W.

Stepping Into Your Feminine Essence Workshop

“The most valuable thing for me about this workshop was learning that I have a choice and I can create a positive image within myself.”

Taona C.

Stepping Into Your Feminine Essence Workshop

“This workshop really opened up sides of my life and myself I never thought about. It gave me good options to help myself. The most valuable part was learning how to start focusing on myself and where the problem started that I was not so I can start.”

Nicole G.

Cleanse Program

I want to start by saying Desi’s cleanse has been nothing short of life changing for me! It may sound silly that a cleanse program had such a significant impact on all areas of my life, but it truly did! Being in the health and wellness field myself, I have tried a plethora of cleanses over the years, which effects were great, if I actually completed them, but short term. I know a lot of my success had to do with making a commitment to the program and being in a receptive state to allow for a transformed lifestyle! Nevertheless, the cleanse was very informative, easy-to-follow and allowed me to incorporate clean eating into a forever lifestyle. And Desi provided additional support with accountability, workouts and encouragement, that went above and beyond! Before the cleanse, I would get very bloated after eating practically anything and I had very low energy. I also realized with more clarity than ever, that I was using food as a comfort to stuff my emotions. After the first 5 days I noticed a significant improvement in my symptoms, weight, digestive health, energy, and just felt lighter overall!  The early improvements fueled me to recommit to the duration of the cleanse. It validated which intolerances I had and what no longer served me to eat. I have continued the clean eating after the cleanse with ease and joy and continue to drop pounds (almost 15lbs down) and feel my best self!  I recommend Desi’s cleanse to any and everyone as a way to jumpstart and reset gut health and start incorporating healthy eating habits that will last long term!

Tiffany Dubec

One of the many surprises of menopause for me was the significant weight gain that seemed to occur literally overnight, but was actually over about 10 years.  Being a vegetarian and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I was beyond frustrated that I could not seem to shed a pound no matter what I did and the weight keep increasing year after year.  I had given up on the idea of any type of weight loss and accepted the fact that I would just continue buying clothes a size larger every couple of years.  Then in one of my coaching sessions with Desi, she encouraged me to try her cleanse.  And, yes, I had tried several cleanses over the years which were just brutal to my system and involved supplements that were quite expensive and tasted fairly disgusting.  Desi’s cleanse does not involve supplements or vitamins or pre-mixed drinks, and is all about eliminating the foods that don’t agree with your digestive system and metabolism.  The two-week cleanse was easy and straightforward and built around clean eating.  After the cleanse, I discovered that gluten and dairy products just simply don’t agree with me.  In the last month, since “mostly” eliminating gluten and dairy products, I have lost eight pounds . . . something I simply didn’t think was even possible.  Yes, I do miss that occasional bowl of ice cream and it has been tough turning down a thick slice of cheese pizza, but I am more than happy to say “no” now that I can fit into jeans a size smaller that I wore five years ago!  In addition to the happy coincidence of the weight loss, I have more energy, and just feel fantastic about myself for the first time in a very, very long time. Thanks, Desi!!!

Kathy Worland

I thought the cleanse had some great recipes. I like the different options for body brushing, massage and self-care. I definitely do the bath. It think it’s really important. The daily check list was really helpful and it made it so much easier! I was thinking I had intolerances to some food items and through this cleanse DesiRae helped me find them. I now am pain free when eating because I no know what NOT to eat for my body.

Lara S.

At first letting go of a delicious cup of coffee that is a big struggle. However, after the first couple hard days of caffeine withdrawals I was seeing a more stable and regular energy level through the day and I really liked that. No more ‘crash’ moments when you just seem to loose all your steam. Taking the time to do the self-care regimens like body brushing before showing, then the coconut oil after sets the day off into a good modest of self care and minimizing stress. By the end of the cleanse I gave up coffee because I loved how I felt without it!

James C.

This cleanse was a great opportunity to remind myself that I have willpower and that I can use it! It was tough sometimes and I have a sweet tooth and craved sweets like no ones business. I loved the cleanse packet layout. It made the plan easy to follow and having recipes included was great. I’ve looked at cleanse information before but never followed through and I think it’s because I needed the accountability of a group. Doing the group cleanse with DesiRae was great knowing that someone else was doing the same thing, sharing questions, experiences etc definitely helped. I even lost a few pounds!

Lynn C.

A Radical Shift Program

This program helped me to become the confident, expressive, and authentic woman I always knew I was.  It allowed me to face my fears of rejection by creating a space to open up and share my story without judgment.  I was able to dig deep into the core of who I am and what I want out of life and realize my true desires.  I now walk through life with a little more bounce in my step knowing that I can show up and show the world who I really am, owning the hell out of it, and remaining true to myself in every moment.

I enjoyed the “a ha” moments the most.  This program has really shifted my perspective on a lot of  things and all the ways that I was showing up.  It has given me the tools to show up the way that I want and need to in order to be and live my true authentic self. This program gives you the tools and space to create and gain clarity on who you are and who you want to become.

It was wonderful to hear other stories and share in those moments with the other incredible people.  The two days and the meetings that follow are the perfect amount of time to share and dig deep. This is the only person growth and development course I have ever taken and it is beyond amazing.  Would recommend to anyone looking for a transformation and shift in their life.

Danielle Harvey

10 awesome things I got personally from saying YES to A Radical Shift Program in Denver with Linda O’Keefe and DesiRae Kraft:

  1. New, deeper bond of friendship and creative possibilities with a group of amazing women. It will last forever.
  2. I got more connection with my real self. I had been scared to meet more of her, yet it truly ended up being and felt FREEING.
  3. I gained 2 new expert mentor and guides on my journey of discovery. They know how to do this work for others, and they do it so well. I felt so supported and loved on!
  4. I had meaningful quality and reflection time for myself, and quality time with awesome women for 2 days and beyond.
  5. I got 3 customized videos that I can listen to anytime that empower me, rewire my brain, transform me, and keep me connected with my essential, higher self, and the vision for my life!
  6. I got to discover more clearly my purpose for being and living…in ONE SENTENCE!


  1. I received new tools that even as a coach I forgot about or hadn’t heard about! I still think about and use in all areas of my life, and share them with my clients.
  2. I shifted this huge pattern in myself…that I could BE IN LOVE with LIFE no matter what, as opposed to finding in loveness with a man or in limited amounts.
  3. I made a vision board to capture my essential self.
  4. I am clear on my core values that keep me rooted to my essential self!
Susannah Campora

  1.   What impact has A Radical Shift had on your life? It’s really shown me vulnerability, my strengths and weaknesses. It’s got me to take time and really evaluate my life! To create the life I truly want to live.
  2. What was your personal experience while going through A Radical shift? The building of fantastic friendships and love. The growth and release of a lot of little things in my life were exposed and that was extremely healthy.
  3. How did you like your three custom belief system retraining videos? I cried during my first video…it really showed me how healing it could be
  4. How did you like the Group Meetings after the weekend program: Every time it was a refresher. It reignited my passion n desire to grow every time.
  5. What have you enjoyed the most in A Radical Shift? Or, what do you find yourself talking about most about your experience? The enlightenment that comes with it. The vulnerability and passion that shows itself and how both leaders were so passionate.
  6. Why do you think A Radical Shift is important for you and would be important for others? I think we live in a fairly broken world and I think that A Radical Shift is one of several steps in helping heal people. To encouragement and nurturing our people is definitely important. I would absolutely recommend this program and I keep telling people about it.
Raelee Rossel

“…it felt like my personal development had been hitting a glass ceiling. The energetic release I experienced was overwhelming and profound, and my energy was reciprocated by everyone else present, which helped it to flourish and thrive. I am more in tune with myself, and I feel a sense of peace more often than I have previously.  To be able to share this experience helps me to feel connected to others more deeply than I ever have been, and it enhances the connection to myself and the peace that I feel.”